Friday, June 6, 2008

birds, vinyl, drone and graceful degradations

- alio die & saffron wood - corteggiando le messi - hic sunt leones, 2006
verging of many types of music: classical, (world & new age), drone and especially the non-music (his trademark water sounds, birds and nature sounds), with elements just barely at the threshold of visibility

- asher: intervals - the land of, 2008
the three asher related releases on this list are all sublime, quiet, ghostly, melodic & "music quite a bit in the background, like satie and his elevator music. i like the way the tunes sound from my kitchen, traversing 2 rooms. the little melodies are pretty how they come and go in the fuzz" m swiezynski

- asher + ubeboet - cell memory - wind measure recordings, 2008

- william barklow - voices of the loon - north american loon fund, 1980
the best of the bird releases i have listed here

- christopher bissonnette - in between words - kranky, 2008
"using orchestral sound sources as well as recording his own sounds to manipulate and process, bissonnette has crafted a symphony of six movements, with melodies as ghostly apparitions that fade in and out of view"

- donald j. borror - songs of eastern birds - dover publications, 1970
academic faculties of zoology and entomology, the ohio state university
genre: non-music

- a broken consort - three songs - sustain release, 2008
edition 1 of 1, the sounds of invisible birds overhead, black landscapes, and broken consorts

- taylor deupree - northern - 12k, 2008
re-release. as the deputy managing director of all international monetary business for this blog states: "these are some real jazzy tunes"

- morton feldman - the viola in my life - ecm, 2008

- fennesz/jeck/matthews - amoroso - touch, 2008
release is an homage to arvo pärt

- joe grimm - brain cloud - spekk, 2008
the first track is very beautiful

- philip jeck: sand - touch, 2008

- ali akbar khan - the classical music of ali akbar khan - prestige, 1964
- ali akbar khan - the soul of indian music - prestige, 1965

- laboratory of ornithology at cornell university: an anthology of over 200 american bird songs - olympic records corporation, 1980
found these bird recordings on

- lau nau - nukkuu - fonal, 2008

- stephan mathieu - radioland - die schachtel, 2008
"exclusively based on real-time processed shortwave radio signals, radioland takes the listener on a carpet ride across endless, majestic shimmering landscapes" the best of his discs yet

- willie nelson - country willie - united artists records, 1965

- paavoharju: laulu laakson kukista - fonal, 2008
finnish bird drone/folk, a couple of nice tracks, and some fine melodies

- vidna obmana & asmus tietchens: motives for recycling - soleilmoon, 1999

- mathieu ruhlmann + celer - mesoscaphe - spekk, 2008
"dedicated to the 1969 voyage of the ben franklin, a naturally propelled submarine, sometimes less memorably referred to as the grumman/piccard px-15, designed for the exploration of the gulf stream's currents"

- sangeet trio (vishwa mohan bhatt, tarun bhattacharya, renu mojumdar): inde du nord, sangeet trio en concert - ocora radio france, 1995
recorded in théâtre de la ville, paris, found all these acora discs on, thank you kindly

- colin andrew sheffield: first thus - elevator bath, 2005
some stunning transforming of prerecorded music *
other elevator bath recordings including:
rick reed - dark skies at noon
ilya monosov - architecture on air and other works
josh ronsen + john grzinich + rick reed - frequency curtain

- frank sinatra - romantic songs from the early years - columbia
- frank sinatra - a swingin' affair! - capital, 1956
- frank sinatra - sinatra sings of love and other things - capital

- jerry and norma stillwell: bird songs of dooryard, field and forest - ficker recording, 1961

- svarte greiner - til seters - a room forever, 2008
2 tracks from erik skodvin, surely very heavy, and sublime, with an lp image not unlike the lush drones, (but on paper too glossy)

- tape - milieu plus - häpna, 2003/2008
- tape - opera plus - häpna, 2003/2008
- tape - luminarium - häpna, 2008

- john tavener, arvo pärt, henryk mikołaj górecki - tavener, pärt, górecki - emi, 1996

- giancarlo toniutti, andrew chalk - tahta tarla - pans'urlo panseri, 1993
acquired on a recommendation from john grzinich, and it is visually the most beautiful record i have, and some really stunning sounds as well

- v.a. - graceful degradation: variations - sourdine, 2008
with tracks by steinbrüchel, kenneth kirschner, heribert friedl, john hudak, steve roden, jason kahn and ubeboet. beautiful tracks and packaging with a subtle vellum abstraction, first release on asher's label

images by jon wozencraft

(this list benefits from my new record player, near 3 years without one)


Duck said...

You're going to send me to the poorhouse. *Sigh*

At least I will have to get that asher/ubeboet, as I have a long track of theirs from some netlabel (con/v?) which is *way* out there.

And Alio Die rules (but I knew that already). See if you can get Suspended Feathers, if you don't have it already. Oh, and the Robert Rich collaboration, Fissures, is very nice.

You might also like Robert Rich himself, whom I don't think I've seen you mention, or some of his work anyway. Try Below Zero (promising title, eh?), or Trances & Drones (ditto).

the art of memory said...

i really love that asher ubebout, more than the con/v release i think.
i have heard some of the robert rich, but not the 2 later ones you mentioned, i will take a look. sometimes that music gets too new-agey for me, but when it is rougher and less "ambient" sounding it is really something. i don't have that suspended feathers, i will try to get it,
thanks for the tips. matthew

Anand said...

hi, I love the images that you posted in your blog...Inspired by yours and some others film blogs, I just started a film blog of my own... Here is the link
I would love it if you could take a look..:)

the art of memory said...

looks good, i love the 70s movies.

asher tuil said...

thanks for your words matthew, they are much appreciated.