Friday, July 27, 2012

fragments from a monograph on the pole photographer bolesław okoniewski : los angeles part two

(malibu - part two)

some recently discovered photographs from the city of angels by the polish photographer bolesław okoniewski, a trip taken sometime after his exile from poland due to some controversial findings in the study of "resistance in diploid potatoes" (dates uncertain, most likely late 60s / early 70s).

okoniewski's aleatoric techniques included not using the camera viewfinder, little or no attention to focus or exposure issues, often times pointing the camera in a different direction than he was looking, or sometimes in the same direction to see how the throw of the dice camera's vision differed from his own.

okoniewski's trip was motivated by the desire to be in the city that had been the setting for famous buildings such as the bradbury building, the great courtyard houses, the los angeles aqueduct system, the eames house, the schindler house, art deco masterpieces such as bullocks wilshire & griffith observatory.

(note : please view images in a totally black room, no light if possible)