Friday, July 27, 2012

fragments from a monograph on the pole photographer bolesław okoniewski : los angeles part three

(malibu - part three)

some recently discovered photographs captured in los angeles by the polish photographer bolesław okoniewski, a trip taken slightly before his passing (dates uncertain, most likely mid to late 60s).

okoniewski used the un coup de dés technique of "no eyes, no focus, no exposure, no nothing", which came to him after reading a polish translation of mallarmé's poems, and after ruminating on the complex meanings and possibilities of chance and nothingness. his unpublished notes on the subject have been a large influence on the ingenting kollektiva and writers of this web site.

okoniewski at the time was working for the polish company ziemniak wirus nieograniczony, and was doing business in the los angeles region.

(note : please view images in a dark room)

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