Tuesday, August 23, 2016

trains in cinema, part 10

- woody allen - manhattan - 1979

- woody allen - sweet and lowdown - 1999

- wes anderson - the grand budapest hotel - 2014

- ann biderman - southland - 2009-2013

- guy burt - the bletchley circle - 2012

- john carpenter - halloween - 1978

- scott cooper - out of the furnace - 2013

- anton corbijn - a most wanted man - 2014

- allan cubitt - the fall - 2013

- andrew dominik - killing them softly - 2012

- fennesz / wozencroft - liquid music - 2012

- kon ichikawa - odd obsession - 1959

- jim jarmusch - only lovers left alive - 2013

- wong kar-wai - the grandmaster - 2013

- tommy lee jones - the three burials of melquiades estrada - 2015

- mike leigh - mr. turner - 2014

- david lynch - twin peaks - 1990-1991

- jim mickle - cold in july - 2014

- michael mann - manhunter - 1986

- paul mazursky - harry and tonto - 1974

- alexander payne - nebraska - 2013

- nic pizzolatto - true detective - 2014

- roman polanski - frantic - 1988

- don siegel - dirty harry - 1971

- paolo sorrentino - youth - 2015

- götz spielmann - revanche - 2008

- françois truffaut - the soft skin - 1964

- william wyler - roman holiday - 1953

- andrzej zuławski - possession - 1981

dear readers (if there are any readers left),

the humble administrator of the art of memory has moved to the fine city of new york (specifically brooklyn) and has decided to make a new attempt at working through this website.

thanks for inspiration from danny at mubi.  i will try to make entries for as many filmic and sonic inspirations as i can find here (which are o the plenty).

i let the site go dormant in the past as i didn't think anyone was interested. in addition i got some complaints for putting up sound clips from films which was frankly quite offensive. hopefully there are some fellow pursuers of the light out there, and i will give it another go.

i started with some images i collected mostly around 2014-15 of trains. more to come....



Robert said...

I bookmarked this website back in June of 2007 and it's great to see it's still here. Even though I haven't visited in a while, this is one of my favorite blogs. I'm glad to know it's going to keep going. This curation of film images is a true gem.

- Robert

the art of memory said...

thanks very kindly robert

Janus J. Eriksen said...

Yeah, love your website, the present train series in particular.

- Janus, DK.

the art of memory said...

thanks a bunch janis

Unknown said...

Don't apologise for your output, or lack thereof on occasion. It's a gift whenever there's a new series of images and sounds to contemplate. And maybe those absent phases make the uploads all the more compelling.

Anna, Melbourne Australia

the art of memory said...

thanks Anna :)

Glorious Jail said...

I still absolutely love your blog and revisit it when i need inspiration and sources to draw upon.The train series is one of my favorites and would hope that you expand to other subjects that have themes.I can't believe that ANYONE would have complaints with anything on this site but i guess there are always negative people who have to push their egos upon others.Did you move to NYC for a job or just a change of culture?I think you had lived in SF and then Portland so i wonder what the draw is to a city that is so hard on non commercial creative types,I know this firsthand is why i say this.I look forward to seeing more post if you find time,but since this blog is so rich already,i can always find gems that i missed.

the art of memory said...

thanks GJ for the comment. the specific complaints that smarted happened on soundcloud, bunch of files where removed by requests of corporate MFs, ones with no music even. it was one of the few responses i got on the posts.

i lived in portland for 2 years and couldn't get any job but manual labor, so my wife and i decided to move to NYC where she is from. she got a job instantly, i am still looking. SF just got unlivable with the tech folks. I really love it here. lots of films to see, and like LA, tons of buildings and streets you see in films. i can see not being an artist here but that is true for all cities i have lived in, my wife and i both end up working in basically regular jobs.

piotr tkacz said...

good to see you back! btw, you might be interested in that one http://www.ulrikeottinger.com/index.php/746.html

the art of memory said...

thanks piotr, i don't know the work

n.t.w. said...

Happy to see the new posts! I have been a long time admirer of the site and your projects and have been turned on to some great music and films through your site. Looking forward to future posts & pursuing the light.

the art of memory said...

thank you very much neal!