Thursday, September 1, 2016

the dragon rampant (surgical addiction)

michael mann manhunter - 1986

classic drone series
sound, sound design, music in film

will graham visits with hannibal lecter "to get the old scent back again". having left, he has trouble breathing and the grass goes out of focus, then focus regains with breathing.  freddie lounds photographs graham for tattler

taking freddie lounds

trembling in awe of tom noonan's voice

classic michael mann ending with violence, ellipses in editing, non-natural motion (raging bull), and extreme disorientation set to iron butterfly's in-a-gadda-da-vida, with a right channel guitar abstractions that starts with a roar appropriate to the red dragon

sound mixer - john w. mitchell
re-recording mixer - don digirolamo, robert glass, robert knudson
sound - jim bridges
supervising sound editor - robert r. rutledge
sound editors - george h. anderson, david a. arnold, michael j. benavente, steve borne, ed callahan, susan dudeck, scott hecker, john a. larsen, bob newlan, frank serafine, charles ewing smith, jay wilkinson
looping editor - j. paul huntsman
stereo sound consultant - jim fitzpatrick
music - michel rubini, the reds

jonathan demme the silence of the lambs - 1991

clarice starling descents to speak with hannibal lecter. this drone sound plays again when starling returns to see lecter and a little more minimally the third time she visits

buffalo bill / jame gumb regards catherine baker martin with infrared goggles

billy in his lair with colin newman's alone (later covered by this mortal coil) playing softly under the sounds of the dog, sewing and baker martin.

tape of glenn gould's js bach's goldberg variations playing during lecter's slaughtering of sergeants pembry and boyle

music box with semi-lewd images to cat to birds. music box pitch modified/interrupted by discovery of said photos

ted levine doing his business to q lazzarus' goodbye horses. levine is one great actor. other notable rolls include heat, birth, shutter island, american gangster, and ray donovan. apparently malkovich turned down the jame gumb roll (thankfully).

sound designer - skip lievsay
re-recording mixer - tom fleischman
re-recordist - douglas murray, sean squires
production sound mixer - christopher newman
foley artist - marko a. costanzo, jörg klinkenberg
foley editor - frank kern, steven visscher
sound recordist - john fundus
dolby stereo consultant - robert f. warren
music - howard shore

having just read thomas harris' first two hannibal lecter novels red dragon (1981) & the silence of the lambs (1988), re-watching manhunter and the silence of the lambs seemed appropriate. presented are some moments of sound and music from the films. following are blake's great red dragon paintings. living now near the brooklyn museum, i was interested to read in the red dragon when francis dolarhyde visits and wreaks havoc at the museum to see the great red dragon and the woman clothed with the sun. (ps - i'm not much taken by bill blake's visual work, but these are quite interesting to me, at least for the subject matter)

1. the great red dragon and the woman clothed with the sun (also titled ...clothed in sun) in brooklyn
2. the great red dragon and the beast from the sea
3. the great red dragon and the woman clothed with the sun
4. the number of the beast is 666

entry titled from manhunter, when the red dragon talks with freddie lounds and the rather funny title of lecter's preoccupation while incarcerated

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