Sunday, October 2, 2022

body and spirit are intertwined, and metaphysical realities are manifested in the physical world

MANDALA VI (2018) by Chi Yun

If in the Hudson Valley of New York, please visit the Pinkwater Gallery in Kingston where my wife Chi Yun has 2 of her meditations on nature-abstraction, shamanism, spirituality, and metaphysics are on view from now until 11/27, with an opening on Saturday, October 15 from 6 to 8pm.

Regarding the Mandala Series:

The paintings are a meditation on three cosmic zones. There is a core circle which is starting from the observational zone. It symbolizes looking within, reflection and inside the Earth. The second circle is the connection between myself, earth and nature. The outer circle represents enlightenment and transformation. All these molecules are forming into a whole, searching for completeness.  This vision of the Mandala is rooted in Shamanism, The Occult, and Buddhism, yet has been transformed through my individual process into something more unique and personal.

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