Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1979, at present, there's no indication of any violence

-manhattan (d. woody allen) cinematography by gordon willis

being there (d. hal ashby)

-oklahoma (d. james benning)

-saint jack (d. peter bogdanovich) with ben gazzara, cinematography by robby müller

the china syndrome (d. james bridges) with jack lemmon

an evening at home (d. gail camhi)

*apocalypse now (d. francis ford coppola)

-fast company (d. david cronenberg) not american, but good

*the brood (d. david cronenberg)

-the warriors (d. walter hill)

-the in-laws (d. arthur hiller) with alan arkin and peter falk

wise blood (d. john huston)

*tess (d. roman polanski) not really american, cinematography by ghislain cloquet and geoffrey unsworth

winter kills (d. william richert)

*hardcore (d. paul schrader) with peter boyle, cinematography by michael chapman

alien (d. ridley scott) with harry dean stanton and john hurt

escape from alcatraz (d. don siegel)

george c scott and peter boyle

the quiet before the storm
george c scott (a block from my work)

hardcore (d. paul schrader)