Wednesday, February 6, 2008

drifting upward due to a slight increase in the magnetic field

spiraling electron
from an atlas of typical expansion chamber photographs, 1954
by wolfgang gentner, heinzmaier-leibnitz and walther bothe
found in the book objectivity, 2007 by lorraine daston and peter galison


the art of memory said...

sorry for the bad scan, not much of a gutter in this title.

Anonymous said...

I really like these images. A friend of mine has worked at the CERN particle accelerator in Switzerland. When I saw him a few weeks back I asked him about all the images produced by the collisions. He said something like "To them, is just data". So we see very few because they scan the data and throw it away.

the art of memory said...

i have been looking for interesting sites with images, but not with much success.
the zone book is pretty interesting though.