Saturday, February 9, 2008

indian melancholia & a knock on the window pane

ali akbar khan

(melancholia since 01/2008)


-sundaram balachander: magic music of india, 1963 (indian veena player)
-sundaram balachander: sounds of the veena, 1967
-sundaram balachander: man from madras, 1968
-pandit vishwa mohan bhatt: saltanah (with simon shaheen), 1997 (hindustani guitar player [guitar is modified with the addition of several drone strings and eight sympathetic strings and called a mohan veena], disciple of ravi shankar)
-pandit vishwa mohan bhatt: saradamani, 1996
-pandit vishwa mohan bhatt & ry cooder: a meeting by the river, 1993
-hariprasad chaurasia: rag bhimpalasi, 1991
-ali akbar khan: the eighty minute raga, 1969 (rag kanara prakaar is a late evening raga, usually performed between 9 pm and midnight)
-ali akbar khan & dr. l. subramaniam: ethereal duet, 1976 (violin & sarod)
-ali akbar khan: peerless, 2002 (ali akbar khan [sarod] & swapan chaudhry [tabla], recorded in switzerland in the 1990's)
-budhaditya mukherjee: budhaditya mukherjee, 1980
-ravi shankar: in london, 1964
-kunnakkudi vaidhyanathan: violin, 1977 (carnatic)
-tanjore viswanathan: south indian flute, 1968 (carnatic)
-the anthology of indian music volume one, 3lp box set, 1967 (includes ravi shankar / alla rakha, ali akbar khan / shankar ghosh, balachander / sivaram, ramani / ramabhadran, janardan abhyankar / arjun shejwal, alla rakha / a. das gupta, kanai dutta and ravi shankar)

(thanks to this great site for posting many of these recordings)


-autistic daughters: uneasy flowers, 2008 (trio of dean roberts [guitar, vocals], martin brandlmayr [percussion, computer] and werner dafeldecker [guitar, bass])
-tony bennett: the movie song album, 1966 (includes the lovely the trolley song from meet me in st. louis)
-keith berry vs. fessenden: bleu: résultat, 2006 (includes floating weeds [for yasujiro ozu])
-fourm remixes keith berry, 2007 (quite beautiful little 3" cd)
-anouar brahem: vague, 2003 (ecm french release)
-anouar brahem: conte de l'incroyable amour, 1992
-andrew chalk: time of hayfield, 2007 (recorded in 2005)
-loren chasse: green laughter, 2003 (jewelled antler library vol. 1, documents the reverie of frogs, birds, cicadas and locusts)
-of (loren chasse): the buried stream, 2005 (jewelled antler)
-yannick dauby: la rivière penchée, 2003 (compositions made up of recordings taken at the river's banks, the manipulation of found objects, and some electronic elements)
-yannick dauby: alisen, 2004 (mini cloud of statics disc)
-ostad elahi: cascade - l'art du luth tambur (3 discs from the iranian tanbour player)
-ostad elahi: celestial harmonies
-ostad elahi: mystical orison
-morton feldman: triadic memories, 2004 (played by marilyn nonken)
-morton feldman: last pieces, 2001 (played by stephane ginsburgh)
-alastair galbraith & matt de gennaro: wires music, 1998 (live wire music recorded at the chip shop)
-henryk mikołaj górecki: symphony no. 3, 1994 (philips version with warsaw philharmonic)
-jonny greenwood: there will be blood, 2007 (threnody to the victims of hiroshima tren ofiarom hiroszimy, krzysztof penderecki 1960 in the wild west)
-john hudak: brooklyn bridge, 1998 (stretched, magnified timbres and textures of the bridge)
-jason kahn: plurabelle, 2001 (bell tone related)
-komitas: divine liturgy, 2006 (komitas’ divine liturgy features a quartet of duduks [winds of passion])
-gregg kowalsky: tendrils in vigne, 2007 (music for an ensemble of 25 people)
-bj nilsen & z'ev: 22' 22", 2007 (prefer nilsen's others)
-adam pacione: heat, 2004 (stunning)
-adam pacione: from stills to motion, 2007 (on thanks to d. granahan, lovely melodies)
-radiohead: jigsaw falling into place (acoustic songs including videotape & last flowers)
-giacinto scelsi: suono rotondo, 2005 (with stefano scodanibbio, michael kiedaisch, michael svoboda)
-seaworthy: map in hand, 2006 (music to explore melodic and experimental approaches to the construction of minimalist sound scapes from looped guitar, warm drones, piano, electronics and field recordings)
-steven r. smith: gehenna belvedere, 1996
-steven r. smith: from ashes come, 1999
-steven r. smith: slate branches, 2000
-steven r. smith: kohl, 2002/2005
-steven r. smith: antimony, 2004
-hala strana: karst, 2003 (jewelled antler library, includes musical contributions from glenn donaldson and loren chasse)
-thuja: fable, 2003 (jewelled antler library, with loren chasse, rob reger, steven r. smith, and glenn donaldson)
-stars of the lid: music for nitrous oxide, 1995
-stars of the lid: gravitational pull vs. the desire for an aquatic life, 1996
-stars of the lid: the ballasted orchestra, 1997
-stars of the lid: per aspera ad astra, 1998
-stars of the lid: avec laudenum, 1999

(films, mostly old favourites):

-woody allen: broadway danny rose, 1984
-woody allen: crimes and misdemeanors, 1989
-p.t. anderson: there will be blood, 2007
-kenneth anger: rabbit's moon, 1979 (later version, a gift for one of brakhage's children)
-michelangelo antonioni: the passenger, 1975 (a.k.a. professione: reporter)
-ingmar bergman: sawdust and tinsel, 1953
-frank capra: arsenic and old lace, 1944
-william friedkin: the exorcist, 1973 (the power of christ compels you)
-tony gilroy: michael clayton, 2007
-john grzinich: mimema, 2008 (in progress)
-alexander hall: here comes mr. jordan, 1941
-david hand walt disney: bambi, 1942
-wojciech has: the saragossa manuscript, 1965 (more useless than beckett's 3-legged giraffe)
-howard hawks: rio bravo, 1958
-alfred hitchcock: the lady vanishes, 1938
-alfred hitchcock: shadow of a doubt, 1943
-alfred hitchcock: lifeboat, 1944
-alfred hitchcock: rebecca, 1940
-john huston: the treasure of the sierra madre, 1948
-john huston: under the volcano, 1984
-norman jewison: in the heat of the night, 1967 (new dvd)
-krzysztof kieslowski: trois couleurs: rouge, 1984
-henry koster: no highway in the sky, 1951 (jimmy stewart and marlene dietrich)
-postwar kurosawa, 1946-1955 (criterion/eclipse set, with no regrets for our youth, one wonderful sunday, scandal, the idiot, i live in fear)
-james mangold: 3:10 to yuma, 2007 (stick with the original)
-oscar michaeux: body and soul, 1925
-vincente minnelli: meet me in st. louis, 1944 (tony bennet influence)
-f.w. murnau: sunrise, 1927
-roy william neill: sherlock holmes, in pursuit to algiers, 1945
-leighton pierce: 37th & lex, 2002
-leighton pierce: a private happiness, 2003
-leighton pierce: viscera, 2004
-leighton pierce: hammock, 2005
-leighton pierce: mr person in the water, 2006
-herbert ross: play it again sam, 1972
-erik skjoldbjærg: insomnia, 1997
-františek vláčil: valley of the bees, 1967
-wim wenders: paris, texas, 1984


-joseph conrad: youth, 1902
-alain fournier: le grand meaulnes, 1913
-emma kunz - artist, researcher, natural healer, 1998 (emma kunz zentrum, thanks to mr. roden's recommendation)
-b. traven: the treasure of the sierra madre, 1927

a sketch by komitas: and this is me...


woolgathersome said...

Was looking at this collection a few weeks and you may want to have a look... Mostly open reels Rubin recorded between 1967 and 1987 while he was studying music in India - some audio files available via the finding aid and images of his notebooks...

the art of memory said...

thank you, i will have to look into that site, hard enough to find the time to listen to the above though....
i have to get rid of my job and just listen to indian music.