Wednesday, February 27, 2008

robert bresson, ghislain cloquet, de l'autre côté du miroir

through glass, au hasard balthazar 1966

though glass, mouchette (or, little fly), 1967

au hasard, balthazar & mouchette, through glass.
cinematography by ghislain cloquet (1924 - 1981), the belgian-born french cinematographer.
cloquet studied film at école national de photographie et cinématographie, and idhec (l'institut des hautes études cinématographiques).

"for au hasard, balthazar, bresson would begin his collaboration with ghislain cloquet, an adventurous cinematographer who also had done work in the united states (cloquet was just coming off the black-and-white pyrotechnics of arthur penn's mickey one). with cloquet, bresson would evolve a cinematic style of subtle, sun-dappled radiance; without extending the photography into extremes of chiaroscuro contrast, cloquet would heighten the lighting so that even the greys would glisten. (this was a style that cloquet would continue when he worked with marguerite duras on nathalie granger and with woody allen on love and death.) cloquet's mastery was such that he was able to accomplish this radiance with only the use of natural lighting. in this, of course, bresson and cloquet would be continuing the experiments of the new wave, particularly the work of the cinematographer raoul coutard with jacques demy (lola) and francois truffaut (the 400 blows, shoot the piano player, jules and jim), in which new film stocks were experimented with, as well as new camera equipment, for flexibility, naturalness, and vibrancy. with cloquet, bresson would create two of the most radiant black-and-white films of the 1960s, au hasard, balthazar and mouchette."
from the strange luck of au hasard, balthazar by daryl chin *

from mouchette

robert bresson & ghislain cloquet:
-au hasard balthazar 1966
-mouchette 1967
-une femme douce 1969

ghislain cloquet with other directors:
-nuit et brouillard 1955 (d. alain resnais)
-le trou 1960 (d. jacques becker)
-le demoiselles de rochefort 1967 (d. jacques demy agnès varda)
-love and death 1975 (d. woody allen)
-tess 1976 with geoffrey unsworth (d. roman polanski)

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