Saturday, January 15, 2011

by the throat

carroll ballard - never cry wolf - 1983

classic drone series
sound, sound design, music in film

intro music / train

wolf dream no. one / waking to hear baby mice

taking photos & nature sounds (w/ minor edits)

wolf dream no. two

caribou drone

music - mark isham
sound design - alan splet

also worthy of mention is the ice cracking sequence

other films with alan splet (cello player)
as sound designer:

"alan's strength, in my book, is based on 2 things.
one - his love of music. he loved classical music, .... rock and roll
didn't really exist for alan. he had a huge collection of classical
music. and his love and knowledge of electronics. he was a
creative engineer, he was a one man band...."
david lynch

"he was so good with music that he could slide a
few notes out so that no one could detect what he had done"
philip kaufman

w/ david lynch
- the grandmother - 1970
- eraserhead - 1976
- the elephant man - 1980
- dune - 1984
- blue velvet - 1986

w/ carroll ballard
- the black stallion - 1979

w/ philip kaufman
- the unbearable lightness of being - 1988

w/ peter weir
- the mosquito coast - 1986
- dead poets society - 1989

- days of heaven (special audio assistant) - 1978

related recordings:

- ben frost - by the throat - bedroom community - 2009
- the recordings of chris watson
- the recordings of yannick dauby
- the ambient work of brian eno (into)
- the recordings of john grzinich
- daniel menche - wolf's milk - utech records - 2007

(thanks to t. for supplying some nice splet links)


the art of memory said...

ps - to download any of the soundcloud links : just hit the down arrow on the right hand side of the play bar

Lutz Eitel said...

This is a brilliant series. Where I know the film, the stills and sounds are like someone else's memory of it; but it's better when, like here, I haven't seen it. Then I automatically amend things with plain wonderful weirdness (which the moving image would mercilessly ground in an instant). Thanks.

the art of memory said...

thanks lutz for the comment,
that is a great reaction, and i am very glad to hear.
some of these films i have watched so many times but i feel like it is the first when tuning in completely to the sound.