Tuesday, January 11, 2011

jupiter and beyond the infinite

stanley kubrick - 2001: a space odyssey - 1968

classic drone series
sound, sound design, music in film

17 minutes from the last part of the film jupiter and beyond the infinite
(taken from the film, not the ost)

(link expired)

also worthy of mention are the dawn of man sequences
and the ambient sections in space

music - györgy ligeti
sound editor - winston ryder
sound supervisor - a.w. watkins
sound mixer - h.l. bird
(made in 70mm format, with a six-track stereo magnetic soundtrack)

other films with winston ryder
as sound editor/designer:
"he had a unique ability to create atmospheres through
the skillful and selective use of sounds"
les hodgson

great expectations - 1946
oliver twist - 1948
breaking the sound barrier - 1952
summertime - 1955
the bridge on the river kwai - 1957
lawrence of arabia - 1962
doctor zhivago - 1965
the red tent - 1969
ryan's daughter - 1970/1
the last tycoon - 1976
the shining - 1980
w/ dino di campo & jack t. knight
heaven's gate - 1980

related recordings:

brian eno - apollo: atmospheres and soundtracks
morton feldman - neither, for samuel beckett
(and other late orchestral works)
györgy ligeti
krzysztof penderecki
giacinto scelsi
alfred schnittke
see previous post on a clockwork orange *


Daniel Kasman said...

Awesome! I love it when you reveal things I haven't seen in films I know well.

the art of memory said...

thanks daniel,
has been nice to watch these films close for sound, seen a few times as well.
hope all is well.