Sunday, January 9, 2011

no time for the old in and out love. i've just come to read the meter

stanley kubrick - a clockwork orange - 1971

sound, sound design, music in film

classic drone series - stanley kubricks's a clockwork orange
electronic music composed and realised by walter or wendy carlos
sound editor - brian blamey


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this is a new series which will be exclusive for the most part on the art of memory for a while.
the concentration is on sound, sound design & music in film, and the influence these soundtracks have had on contemporary drone music*.

there will be references to contemporary recordings that have some kind of connection to the film, these connections are just heard by us here at the art of memory, and are mainly the first ones that came to mind.

*the word drone music is used because other words don't seem appropriate, but it can include - field recording, experimental, electronic, other, etc.
the word is also used because it references works by artists such as la monte young, charlemagne palestine, eliane radigue, phill niblock, yoshi wada, hermann nitsch, krzysztof penderecki and john cage (his number pieces).
these artists have greatly shaped the way we hear things at the art of memory (a kind of filter).


the art of memory said...

the fade out dialogue by malcolm mcdowell reminds me of the soft spoken idiolect in peeping tom

a d r i a n said...

I highly condone this new series. Looking forward to future posts.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you have picked a pretty disturbing film. It still gives me the creeps after so many years...more than the Shining...

the art of memory said...

thanks both of you.
working on some more this weekend.

yes, it is one hell of a bizarre film.
and the shining too.
i use to watch these a lot when i was a youngster, certainly helped shape the way i perceive the world.
others too i am sure.

fred said...

thank u and keep it coming!

the art of memory said...

thanks fred.
many more on the way